Model TRK-01: Tracking Tester

This device is used to test an insulating materials' resistance to tracking. "Tracking" is the creation of a carbon path formed on an insulating material as a result of flashovers. Meets UL and IEC requirements for CTI testing.

This tester incorporates all features for the complete test, Including: the electrodes, an electronic control for releasing the conductive drops, drop counter, adjustable current limiting, and test voltage adjustment to 600V (1000V model available)

Precision-machined, this is a state-of-the-art product that is the finest available in the world. This unit is imported. Specify 120V or 240V input voltage.


Flame Test Equipment

Flam Burner

Burner: Tirril Burner meets UL, IEC and ASTM D3713 flame test.
Tube Length is 100 mm above air inlets

Burner Wing Tip: Mounts to top of burner, as required for some flame tests. Slit measures approximately 48 mm by 1.3 mm.
Burner Mounting Fixture: Sets burner at 20o or 45o angle as required by most standards

Ring Stand
Ring Stand: Provided with 2 clamps for securing/positioning test specimens and/or wire gauze.

Wire Screen/Gauze: Several types available


Model NFB-01: Needle Flame Burner

Everything you need for the Needle flame testing requirements!

  • Needle Flame Test Kits
  • Burn test needles, UL-Listed gas valves, CSA-Listed gas hoses
  • Infinitely-adjustable Deluxe Burn Test Apparatus (model BTA-01, pictured)
  • Wire screen gauzes
  • Tissue paper and cheesecloth
  • Angle meters
  • The Needle Flame burner diameter 0.5 mm is intended for conducting burning tests. It is constructed in strict compliance with IEC Standards (i.e. IEC 65, 695-2-2, etc). It consists of a tube with a bore 0.5 ± 0.1mm and gas-flow regulating valve for adjustment of the flame height. It shall be used with a pressure regulator.

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    Model BPT-01: Ball Pressure Tester

    For testing plastics to which hazardous voltage parts are mounted (i.e. terminal blacks, transformer bobbins, etc...) in accordance with most IEC, EN Standards and internationally harmonized UL and CSA Standards (950, 1010, 601, 335, etc.). The unit exerts 20N force on sample. Entirely stainless steel. NOTE - this test is required to be conducted in an oven at elevated ambient.


    Flame Hood
    Flame Hood

    Draft free table top, ducted fume hood. Double wall construction with enameled steel exterior. Laminated glass window, counter balanced for easy movement. Inside light and exhaust fan optional

    Shown with bottom counter - Sold separately.


    Model Width Depth Height
    FH-36 36" 31" 56"
    FH-48 48" 31" 56"
    FH-60 60" 31" 56"